UF PRO® Striker X Combat Pants

UF PRO® Striker X Combat Pants

UF PRO® Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket

UF PRO® Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket

UF PRO® Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket

The ideal feather-light jacket for cold winter days.
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DELTA ML GEN.2 TACTICAL WINTER JACKET. Going where the temperatures are low? Where the winds are icy? Where you’ll be met by light rain or snow? Then wear the Delta ML Gen.2. For these kinds of winter conditions’ it’s the ideal choice. What makes it so ideal is the jacket’s feather-light and breathable design, which packs in enough thermal insulation to keep you warm even in low temperatures while at the same time preventing you from overheating during periods of high activity.

BUILT FOR COLD WEATHER. A twin-layer windproof and water-repellent face-fabric lined with 37.5™ microfleece helps keep you protected from the elements. Meanwhile, the jacket’s extraordinary interior G-Loft material offers you plenty of warmth when the mercury drops below zero and everything starts freezing.

BREATHABLE & ABRASION-RESISTANT SIDE PANELS. The side panels give your Delta ML Gen.2 jacket breathability to help keep your body’s core temperature at an optimal level so you don’t overheat while active. Their extreme abrasion resistance means the jacket will survive prolonged bumpy encounters with a full backpack or heavy plate-carrier slung over it.

EASY-OPEN POCKET WITH VELCRO COVER.Located in the upper-arm area, the pen pocket is the perfect place to stow your writing instruments, ChemLight sticks, or other small items. A no-struggle strap lets you effortlessly access items stored in the upper arm pocket on the go. Just lift the strap with your teeth so you can grab it and pull the pull the pocket open with one free hand.

FAQ'S. Can the Delta ML Gen.2 jacket keep me dry in light rain and snow?

Yes. This superlative jacket is indeed windproof and water-repellent.

It’s designed to keep you dry in light as well as moderate rain or snow, but not around the clock. If you need to stay outside in extreme cold weather conditions for a very long time, we recommend you gear up with our Delta OL Tactical Winter Jacket.

Can I wear my Delta ML Gen.2 jacket as a mid-layer underneath an additional jacket?

Yes. The Delta ML Gen.2 is feather-light and low-bulk, which means its perfect to wear underneath additional layers when you need extra thermal insulation.

What are the temperature ranges the Delta ML Gen.2 jacket can be worn in

You’ll find it ideal for use in temperatures between 10°C and minus-10°C. Keep in mind that this is the range in which it works best. However, we offer other lines of jackets and outerwear more suitable for temperatures outside the 10°C and minus -10°C range of the Delta ML Gen.2 jacket.

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