Holster Beretta PX4 Storm /2-Fast EXTREME /Radar 1957 Dreapta plus disc

Holster Beretta PX4 Storm /2-Fast EXTREME /Radar 1957 Dreapta plus disc

Holster stânga Beretta PX4 Storm /2-Fast EXTREME /Radar 1957 plus disc


Produsul nu include niciun tip de prindere. Prinderile pot fi achiziționate separat în funcție de preferințele utilizatorului. Radar 1957 oferă mai multe padele de prindere și platforme de picior ce pot fi văzute accesând categoria "Gama profesionala" la noi pe site.

Reducerea de 10% nu poate fi aplicată la acest produs, fiind destinat, exclusiv angajaților MAI și MAPN.

începand de la 378,00 RON

6707 2-Fast EXTREME is a professional duty holster for extreme use in Injected polymer with 4 retention levels.

The first is the automatic safety system Evolock-S Evolution Locking System, an internal locking mechanism activated by the weight of the weapon, quick-release and simple.

The second is the Rotoloop-S system, an external weapon protection strap with automatic opening by means of a pressactivated rotating mechanism.

Thanks to the 2-Fast solution, the two systems are integrated and can be activated simultaneously during the draw with a single, natural movement of the thumb.

The third is the Roto Guard Safety Device, a protective shield against bumps or extraction attempts that can be paired to the Rotoloop-S, LL Look Loop and Rotolock systems.

The fourth is the BS-PRO – Back Shield Protection device, a rigid tab located behind the release lever in order to prevent releasing from behind.

The fifth is the STR SYSTEM device, made up of a retaining screw that stops internal movement of the weapon, acting directly on the slide.

The body can be paired with the Multilink 2 carry system, a three-screw fastening centre distance spaced at 120° to attach the same holster onto any support.

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